Psalm 13 Meditation


Today’s picture is of Katoomba Valley. This picture is reminder that in Australia when I was abseiling  ( in the Katoomba Valley) that I didn’t let nothing hold me back. I had no fear what so ever because I had trust that I wasn’t going to fall and die.

Psalm 13 reminds me of my relationship with God. For now it seems like I am so unsure of myself and cautious to explore. I “wrestle with my thoughts” just like the psalmist does. I question if God actually hears me or what is really going on. I wonder about what I am suppose to do such as if I should just draw  or write but I keep restricting myself because it is not up to my standards or it isn’t awesome enough or I am just not feeling it. I trust God with many things but today I never noticed that God may want me to explore with my imagination a little bit more than what I am use too. I am usually very cautious when it comes to drawing and stick to drawing faces. I may trust God with a good portion of my life but it seems like I don’t let him take the wheel when it comes to something I love to do and that is create art. It seems like he is challenging me to go beyond my boundaries and unlock my potential. To me I always have to hear from God first and lately I have been questioning if I can actually hear his voice. I ask God about if I can hear from him and what am I suppose to do. I know he has given the reigns to me as far as freedom is concerned but I keep myself from doing many things. It might be a little easier if I wasn’t so much a perfectionist.


Now is the time to break out of the comfort zone as far as art is concerned. Even if I may not have anyone prophesying to me or God telling me directly to do so I should go and explore it.


One thing that I am trying to really explore is how to worship God through different mediums. I feel like photography is one way that I can praise God for all the beauty that is around us. Photography is the easiest. Writing can also be a form of worship but it can also be a form of meditation. I find that what I’m writing now is a meditation of a certain chapter and how it applies to my life.


Praise and Worship is basically taking the time out of our day to appreciate what God has done for us or what we know he will do for us and for who he is. So in any medium God can get the glory and we can do so in excellence.


So in the end I should trust God with whatever I do even in art. I don’t need to know which direction and I should explore. God didn’t call us to be cautious but he called us to be radical and think outside of the box. After all God thought outside of the box.

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