I love Fatai, she gets lost with in her music and becomes receptive.

So I have always wondered why Christians are not that creative and put into a box. As a creative person and someone who has a huge imagination it seems like Christianity and Creative freedom battle each other. God is the ultimate creator and grants us freedom to be ourselves yet there is lines to creativity.   The question is do we limit ourselves because of what others think?  I feel like i’m judged the most on my artwork by those who are christian, therefore it is hard for me to even tell people what I may be writing, drawing or just creating in general because of that judgement or what does have to do with God. Does the main character get saved?  Is God in this ? Is this even christian?   My art is inspired by my dreams and ideas that are not restricted by worldly restrictions.  I want to get an idea out of my home and I feel that it needs to be expressed in some way therefore I continue to draw, write and create. That is what I do.   As a christian I wish that other christians could just free themselves and lose themselves in their art.  such as creating a worship song or just singing. I feel as if that is when the holy spirit uses us. We make ourselves open and more receptive if we just let loose.   My favorite artist who is Christian is C.S. because he crafted something so grand and was able to express his love for christ. I always wanted to try and write something to that degree but I just haven’t so far.   True creativity connects souls and express the soul of the creator. It can release bindings of the past and turn it into something beautiful. Creativity can praise the creator. Creativity can be a form of worship.

The question is when can we lose ourselves in the spirit

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