Thoughts from today


This picture is the representation of freedom to me.  I remember when I first watched this scene from Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron, I fell into euphoria. Just the look on the faces of the stallion and the native american made me feel good in the inside.

Warning: This post maybe a little bit more random than usual



I believe silence can make you more open. It gives space to the physical world and also brings space within our mind. Silence is very powerful, especially when done collectively.



Today my thoughts are on the word power. We really don’t give God the credit that he deserves with power. When we believe in him and believe that he has given us the power to get everything and then some accomplished there is energy that flows.


For the first time (in a long time) I feel as if finally I can get a 4.0. I feel like I have what it takes. I feel the excitement of getting towards that goal and when the excitement runs out I constantly remind myself that I want that 4.0 and I don’t just want it for this year I want it for the rest of my time being here. I feel like that God has given me power in order to go after what I want now. I actually feel limitless and it feels good.

When we finally set ourselves apart and let God be close to us then we are able to be free

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