Reflections of the Morning.





This picture speaks to me because it is Salar De Uyuni in Bolivia. It is made of salt. All of the salt has made something very beautiful and has to work together. 



Today while attending church (not chapel a different church) I was listening to the pastor and while hear the pastor speak on how God made sunday as a day of rest and worship I started to ponder on the word worship more and more.


Worship is more than just singing or praying. At the church I go to they believe in using art as a form of worship (such as paintings). I love that idea and the fact that they are expanding the forms of worship that can take place during a church service.


Worship is the way we live our lives. We give ourselves to christ to use us. We use are abilities and talents to communicate with him or thank him. Prayer is an act of worship, dance is an act of worship, eating (like my favorite book: Eat, Pray Love) is an act of worship (don’t get it confused with worshipping food through). We all worship but we don’t worship mindfully.


Do we ever take time to just enjoy the weather outside or thank God for the beautiful scenery (even through it may not be paradise) but there is something unique about it.


Are we ever praying, letting God know what is in our hearts and minds? Are we using are emotions while praying? Are we putting all of our heart and soul into what we are doing?


We are worshippers. If we don’t worship one thing we will worship something else like Beyonce.  We need to worship or either we will feel lost. Worship also brings us to others who worship and we establish relationships and families. We spread love throughout these families because that is what we are created to do.


But what are we doing now?


We worship by loving. What ever we love to do we are worshipping by doing it. Whenever we show others affection we are worshipping. When we are putting our all into something we are worshipping.

But again, what are we doing now?

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