The Welcome to the NHK complex


To those who are avid or life-long anime watchers you have probably seen Welcome to The N.H.K. If not, I recommend it to you. Welcome to The N.H.K is an anime series (obiviously) about  a guy named Sato who is a hikikomori which is basically a person who never leaves home.  Recently I had finished the anime and found some painful similarties to my own life that Sato had.  After my summer semester at SWIC all I did was sit in the house. I wasn’t allowed to go out the house too much during school so basically I either went to school or was at home. When school ended all I did was sit at home. I found my room to be my personal holding cell. I kept hearing things, thinking that people were talking about me. I couldn’t sleep at times. I found myself running away through internet and writing. I never wanted to think too much about reality but once I was away from the virtual reality I get anxious.


Now I am in Atlanta, Georgia.  for 11 hours I did not want to think about what was next. I only slept just twice (usually I can sleep for the whole time). I left the four wall holding cell and now I am in a different state without the comfort I had felt before. It feels odd being here and on my own. Today was my off-day from having to go to school and I found myself going through what I like to call the N.H.K complex. I felt very anxious at the thought of going outside of my dorm or having to change clothes because I was hungry. Luckily I went outside my dorm twice (victory for me).

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  1. narcopathcrusher says:

    Arent hikikomori a japanese phenomenon? were are you from? The anime rocks i have watched it! *follows you*


    1. fmaddox17 says:

      From Missouri, I just moved to Atlanta, Georgia…you?


      1. narcopathcrusher says:

        European ^^


  2. fmaddox17 says:

    Cool, I just looked it up and you are right about the phenomenon. Thanks for the comment


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