Luhan why……..



I just recently got into Got 7 but this pretty much sums up the k-pop world

K-pop. K-pop is something that I started getting into in highschool. I was a j-pop fan before anything but hey such as life.  My favorite group is exo and that is the only group I like (I like other groups but not consistently before it was shinee).  EXO meets all of my criteria such as awesome music that I would actually pay money for, unique and cool. It is fresh and I love it. Shinee was my first favorite group and I still like their songs (I would buy their songs too) but I don’t like all of their songs and sometimes I don’t like their new style and stuff like that. Big bang is too much of a popular group and I like some of their songs. Girl groups for this post don’t count because I am just going to be talking about boy groups. Over the past couple of years that I have liked k-pop I have been through biases(favorites):

1. Taemin

2. Key

3. Minho

4. Jonghyun


6. Zelo (I know that is BAP)

7. Luhan

So there it is. This post will be mostly about Luhan cause I have the most problems with him. I liked Kris, D.O., Chen and Xiumin but it has always been luhan. Jonghyun I wrestle with from time to time but it is isn’t as bad. Usually I get rid of biases because they have some sort of turn off for me. Luhan has been consistently my bias from day one and has not faltered (even when I was not into k-pop for a while) but it is just something about him.  I do want to see him more in the spotlight and know more about him ( with k-pop it goes beyond entertaining).  It was really weird because I like older men (luhan is older but he looks younger and that is the kicker). I like luhan because of who he is(funny, dork and so on).  But it wasn’t until one day I was just really engulfed. This engulfment lasted more then just one day. I was just like I don’t like anyone else but luhan (that is when I knew I had went tooo far). I know good and well that I can’t have him (1. he is a superstar, 2. idk if he would go for me 3. it just wouldn’t happen) and I dislike this fact but as a fangirl I know I can’t have him but I indulged in the thought. I didn’t want anyone else but Luhan. I started thinking to myself (like a reality check) of other reasons that it wouldn’t work out. I knew one thing and that was the fact that I was going to seminary so I had to end this relationship now. Then it hit me. I am going to be a preacher. K-pop star and preacher (i know that there are christian k-pop stars and all but let’s be real…No.). Would Luhan be the right man (a god sent man)?  And most importantly would he like me?

Regardless of my infatuation with EXO’s Luhan God is suppose to be in all aspects of life. I struggle with this fact and living it out. But God is everywhere and we must be honest with him with everything. Even though God knows everything but it is the action of you telling him that is valued.  We should never act like we are living a double life or that we are with holding things from God.  We box God and we fear him so much that we don’t even try to have a relationship with him. God does not want to be feared in the way we define fear. The type of fear the bible talks about is awe. Awe is a beautiful word that has a connotation of being subjected to something so majestic and powerful that we couldn’t do anything but stare. Awe does not mean we must hide and have our heart racing in panic. It is sad that many people live in houses that are full of fear which can be the root of hatred and bitterness. This root is the thing we must eliminate in today’s society and change it into something beautiful. This root is the thing we use to power ourselves and have power over others. Must we act in fear? Must we be feared by others? No. Fear is what separates us from all of the good stuff including God.

In the end we must give ALL of our lives to christ and not just one aspect.

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