Pre required….why?


As I stumble through college I always have this terrible thing that I have to do…this is called prerequisite classes. These classes are usually things like speech 101 and english 101. I believe that these classes should be taught in high school and not be in college. Yes I understand that there are professors that teach english and it would be weird putting them in a high school setting were they wouldn’t get paid as much. To me if they have higher education then yes we should pay them more but it really shouldn’t matter the setting. College is suppose to be a time where you are learning more about the things you want to learn. Yes I want the struggle of research and drinking coffee at 3 in the morning. Yes I want to go to class and learn. But the thing is the fact that you don’t do any of that until the next year and a good couple of thousand is gone. If you want America to be educated then WE MUST HAVE CHANGE.  For the people who can spend there money on anything I envy you. There are many better ways to spend money such as investing, starting a business or actually experiencing life to figure out what you want to do. It really bothers me (I like the saying irks my nerves) that school has to be this way. I remember getting into an argument once with a professor telling them why I am not interested in college. I told them that this was not a good investment of my money. She said college isn’t an investment. WAKE UP CALL…. it is. It may not be monetary but it is still an investment of time and effort. I don’t want to waste my time being taught by someone just because they have a ph.D and really don’t like their job because they are now learning that the pay sucks and they are stuck in debt. NO.  We should learn any fundamentals in high school. It really is a waste of time. Maybe it is because people fear challenging the young minds of high schoolers with higher education material. Maybe it is the fear that high schoolers aren’t mature enough. If high schoolers aren’t mature enough then why put so much pressure on them for a short amount of time during that second half of the school year. MAYBE we as society should rethink this whole process. If you can not teach those classes in highschool then please either just eliminate the class completely or maybe we should find people who are willing and able to take the job.

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