Billionaire Mindset


Today I was thinking a lot about oprah winfrey and my wanting to be rich. If there are two things that I really want that is 1. to travel everywhere and 2. to be rich.  Would I want to be rich because I love money partially yes but mainly because money is a tool and with money I gain more freedom to do what I please. If I was rich then I would do a lot of things mostly with art like film and music.  I always wonder how do I get this money. What am I suppose to do?  I have always been interested in business. I even made a business plan and didn’t even know it in my freshman year of high school.  Anywho, I looked up women billionaires and oprah winfrey.  I found that most of these women started up entrepreneurship not for themselves or the want to become rich but because their was an issue that needed to be solved. What did they do about this issue? they solved it. They gave up so much in order to solve this problem because they believed that it was needed. Think of the lady who started Spanx. She gave up her life savings to start an undergarment company that would be comfortable and which can also boost up a woman’s confidence. Then you have Oprah who has a book club, trying to lose weight and uplifting spirits around the world with her talk show. These women ( and some more) are pioneers and they are bringing up other women. From a perspective of a business major (marketing to be exact) women are the key shoppers. We want women to go and shop for the products that we produce and sell (we=company).  Billionaire (females) are not just thinking of themselves they are thinking of everyone else and caring for everyone else.  Care is a key component to having a relationship. Any relationship. This is what the marketing specialist strive for. Building relationships with our customers so that they can come back to buy more product and stay with us.  As christians we are already billionaires….we just don’t know it.   Some of us have this mindset more than others.  As a christian we are suppose to care about the souls of others.  We have to get through things together and work as a team. God had a dozen disciples and not just one. God needs each and everyone of us to run our race but we will need help sometimes. Maybe through words of encouragement or a hug. Our purposes as well ( referring back to the book called Restless by Jennie Allen) are usually not made for ourselves but for others. 

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