Billionaire Mindset and Christianity


Billionaires constantly re-invent themselves. They change as they go along. An example is Oprah (I really like oprah) she constantly was adding things on or trying new things out such as transcendental meditation. She made everyone take part in the meditation and that was when her network was booming. She allowed quiet time for herself. To me it seemed like oprah hardly ever worked a day of her life. Yes there may have been rough times but everytime I saw that smile of hers she was living. She followed through with her goals and enjoyed life. She knew what she wanted to do and did it without limitations. Oprah is still the ONLY african american billionaire. None of us (talking about african americans) had figure it out yet (goodness we practically ruled the world now we are viewed as scums of the earth).   To conclude part 3 my main points are:


1.Not having limitation

2. Thinking of others/having a passion or goal

3. Transform


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