Aboriginal adam and eve


Today I’ve watched a documentary on the aboriginal religion called the dream time. I have been interested in this religion for a while because of the idea that the world is a part of you. I do believe that the world has effect on who we are and how we live and our culture so it is a pretty big deal.  In this documentary there was a lot of facts that I found very interesting:

-A snake was the deity

-The religion is 60,000 years old

-Aboriginals have been around for 100,000 years


With this information from the documentary and some information I remember from being in Australia I started connecting the dots.


Connect #1: Adam and Eve=aboriginal

The aborigines are considered to be the oldest human race and the first humans to exist on earth.  Not only that but the fact that there is snake as the deity of the dreamtime which could have been the snake that tempted adam and eve to eat from the tree of knowledge. The aborigines are also known to have special powers but because they would like to keep their matters private we aren’t able to know how much knowledge they posses.  Not only that but the dreaming can be a sort of visualization of the future. The aborigines are considered to be the wisest as well.


Connect#2: Aboriginals were christians then something happened


The aboriginals are 100,000 years old and the dreamtime is 60,000 years old. I think (depending on when the events of the good book happened) that maybe the event of Adam and Eve eating from the tree of knowledge could have turned them away from God and then they started dream time. ( If you have a creditable source that says otherwise I would love to explore it).

Again this is something I have been interested in for a long time. One of my dreams was to actually go back to Australia but to learn about the aborigines.  I hope that we all can learn about the world around us.

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  1. lorac888890 says:

    The garden of Eden started in Africa. The snake has been worshipped since that time by many cultures. Sin came into the world after Adam and Eve. Humans have been here since Noah and his family which has only been about 5,000 years more or less. You seem to be mixing evolution with creation.


      1. lorac888890 says:

        Hi, do you remember me? How are you doing?


  2. fmaddox17 says:

    Are you asking do I know you outside of wordpress?


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