Red, Hellsing, Jesus, Love


Recently I was watching an anime called Helllsing ultimate which was pretty good. It was very dark and intense but very interesting because it dealt with old school vampires and such (like nosferatu and dracula). Speaking of which for those who are fans of the series dracula=alucard…..the name is backwards. Anyway, what really made this series stand out to me is the fact that the main antagonist wanted war. Why would the main antagonist want war? The answer: he just was passionate about war. I had to really analyze this because I found it interesting how certain passions can be a huge driving force that gets us to the point where we feel unstoppable. Passion (when developed) to me is the equivalent to energy. The color for passion is red, the color of blood is red and a depiction of energy is red. According to native americans red is the color of life as well and life=energy. The whole point is passion is a huge part of who christians are. Blood that Jesus bled for our sins is a great representation of this passion. In most movies that are made about christ this is the make or break point. The directors are in some sort of contest to see which actor can evoke the most emotion…. Now jumping to another thing: love. The first color that comes to my mind is red. Red, love, passion and energy. Jesus was displaying love when he died on the cross. Okay now what does this all have to do with a character who wants war, red, energy, love and the word of the day passion…..another word purpose. Another question….what do you think the antagonist of hellsing was made for? What was the antagonist trained to want? The antagonist wants victory, chaos and havoc. That was what the character was written for. What was jesus here for? One purpose that jesus had to fulfill is the purpose of cleaning our sins. Okay recap: red, passion, jesus, some guy in hellsing, and love. Passion is a part of love. Some say love and passion are synonymous but I would say no. Passion is the driving force behind love because passion is (you guessed it) energy. Passion can also lead to purpose which I have learned recently. When you have a passion for something you love it. When you love something you dedicate your life to it which is purpose of living and getting up everyday. Man must have passion in order to keep breathing everyday and we must live to our purposes. When we don’t live up to our purposes what is the meaning of life?


P.S. Hellsing=Red



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