For this post I would like for anyone reading to keep an open heart and mind.

For the past couple of weeks I have been thinking about being a christian and being bisexual. In the bible being with the same sex is wrong and looked down upon. My best friend has even told me that I shouldn’t be the way I am because I am a christian and that would be a sin.  To me being with the same-sex issue was a grey area for a long time. Then I had questions running through my mind like then why did God create men who just loved another man (romantically) or a woman who just loved another woman (romantically). I also wondered about how this would influence the purpose of someone’s life. Today was the day I decided that Jesus died for all of our sins. A sin is a sin. There is no sin greater sin and there is no lesser sin.  As christians we are living for God and nothing comes before that. That means if you are heterosexual no man comes before God either. God wants a relationship with us  and for us to live for him therefore I think that we will always sin. God wants us to sin. Through sin we are closer to him (something I have learned from a book that I’m reading called restless). Sin is the equivalent to making a mistake. Some mistakes we may never get right and sometimes we will have victories. My question is…would it matter to be lgbt or not? If you are living for Christ and fulfilling your purpose within him does it matter?

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  1. rhemasong says:

    Hey Fma,

    The most important thing to know is that God loves you, and wants a that relationship with you. I know the struggle can be very real. The desire that we might feel in that circumstance, should not be judged as worse than any other sinful desire or darkness of the heart. But that’s not what’s actually at issue.

    As I read it, what you are asking is, is it ok to just give up. Is it ok to want to love God, but somehow let yourself be comfortable with something you believe in your heart to be sin. The answer to that question is no. God doesn’t expect us to b perfect, but he expects us to -want- to be perfect. We can’t just throw in the towel and say I love you God, but this little area has defeated me and can we just overlook that for the sake of all this good stuff over here.

    Sin is sin, and no matter how much you would try to walk in God’s purposes, that one spot on your heart would continue to gnaw at you, and make it difficult for you to commune with God with a heart that was at peace.

    Imagine If I said, I love you Lord, but I really just can’t be around fat people, or I just can’t tolerate black people, or any other thing that would grieve God’s heart. Why would we compromise in one area, and say its not ok in another?

    Our walk is hard. And I cannot explain why the urges are there for some and not for others, but I do sincerely believe that God hates sin because it separated Him from the creation that He loved most, and He paid the ultimate price to get it off our backs. If the power of the blood of His son is not enough to bring us victory, in something so small as whether we will have a certain type of sexual relationship or not, then humanity is in trouble, and Jesus died in vain.

    You just have to decide who your first love and deepest passion will be, and I can speak from experience, that an intimate relationship with Jesus as the lover of your soul, will down out every sinful desire.

    Be blessed, knowing that you are loved. God sees what you want to be, and honors that. He won’t let you fall.



    1. fmaddox17 says:

      I really like what you said and thank you for your response


      1. rhemasong says:

        You’re very welcome ❤
        Be strong.


  2. Wow – Your courage to post this here is commendable. I would say that, by your choice to post this vulnerable issue here shows that you do want God’s answer to this. I promise you He is not hiding it from you.
    Also, I completely understand what it is like to struggle with a substantial sin. It is difficult because we know it is sin yet we are saved and love Jesus…I struggled with that reality a lot. What also got me were the strong internal feelings that want against the teaching of Jesus – I dealt with an immoral sin. Trust when I say… Jesus is the answer to ALL your struggles!
    If I may, let me ask you this: When you were saved did Jesus ask you to stop sinning before He offered you salvation? Of course not! In fact, Jesus died for you while you were still “dead in your trespasses and sins.” [Rom 5:6] This indicates to us that sin is not the issue…
    Practically, where can you find your true-resolve?
    Simply put: in getting to know Jesus. It really is that simple.
    Jesus died, taking all the guilt, shame and punishment [that He did not deserve] and gave us His righteousness [something we could never earn]. Focusing on Jesus and the love relationship with Him is more important that figuring out if your sin ok or not.
    The problem is, that living sin-focused makes us introverted…however, living Jesus-focused liberates us to know Him more…and by the “knowledge of Jesus” we are changed from glory to glory [2 Cor 3:18]. You will change by getting to know Jesus – not by trying to not sin!
    2 Cor 3:18 But we all, with unveiled face, beholding as in a mirror the glory of the Lord, are being transformed into the same image from glory to glory, just as from the Lord, the Spirit.
    So, instead of worrying about a sin that Jesus already covered by His blood…get to know the grace and mercy of Jesus that covered that sin. Read about His love and kindness to those caught in sin [you may want to read my post titled “Repentance: There’s Nothing Sorrowful About It” – I go into depth about the woman caught in adultery – I believe the essence of the entire post will bless you greatly.] [Another post you may want to read is “Loving Jesus Yet Struggling With Sin” – it is a personal story of mine. It too will bless you.]
    Should you feel you want to reach out – I’ll not judge you… I am available for support.
    God bless you dear one.


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