God in The Media part 2


In recent talks with my mom I discovered that God can teach us about something in anime. Everytime I talk about what means to be a christian I reference Berserk or Madoka Magica. I use Madoka Magica as a reference because of how a girl (who wants to become a magical girl) has to give up her soul in order to become a magical girl. Just as they give up themselves to one wish, christians sacrifice everything as well in order to have a relationship with christ. The difference between Madoka Magica and christians is the fact that we aren’t alone most of the time. When anyone becomes a christian they are living for God but they also have a team/family. The family within christianity is unfortunately divided by denominations and traditions. What is the point of traditions? God is not a God of tradition and to prove this point the old testament and new testament. This shows that God is dynamic and transforms. Christianity as a whole is about transformation as well…

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