God in The Media


Ever since the movie: Son of God has came out I have been very upset. As a movie lover ( or sometimes called a movie bluff) the Son of God movie, to me, is mediocre. It doesn’t really have to be just the Son of God movie but it is any movie that is displaying the life of Jesus. Jesus is normally white (I only saw a black jesus once), the story is presented in the same way and same setting. We put Jesus in a box and distance ourselves from him instead of bring him closer. No passion is felt and it is just another film about that man named Jesus. I’ve seen more effective movies such as The Tree of Life. There are even small scenes that are very powerful such as the last scene of Perfume: Story of a Murderer. The scene really did not even need the romantic actions afterwards to get a point across.  Through a scene with using a handkerchief floating in the sea of people in awe by the handkerchief’s wonderful scent made a powerful impact. 

As Christians we give our lives to Christ and that means he gets our absolute best. We live to build his kingdom and when we are building his kingdom we should do so with nothing but passion.

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