How To Write a Story: The Outline to a New World

The outline is the key to a successful writing process. It keeps you organized and helps you stay on track. Regardless of what type of writing you are doing, it can be an essay, blog post or a presentation you will need an essay. With this post, I am going to focus on writing an …


Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope and Inspiration to Heal

Since it’s Janet’s Birthday let’s recognize her accomplishments.

Reflections of A Dream

Janet Jackson’s The Velvet Rope album is one of my favorite albums. It played a big role in my childhood because my mother loves Janet Jackson and we had a copy of the HBO special plus the CD. Both the HBO special and the CD helped me with cultivating my soundscape and visual artistry. The Velvet Rope was sonically ahead of its time and the performances received many accolades but, the most important part of the album is the creative process that Janet went through. This was how Janet freed herself. Through recording this album, Janet was healing from her past.

This album was pivotal to the black community. It inspired many conversations such as domestic violence, STIs, sexual identity and being creatively free. As a young black woman who is very creative, I cherish this album. I want to heal and put myself in my art because of this…

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